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The city of Nassau was established in 1666 as Charles Town, with the name changed to Nassau in 1695.  The city’s original sources of income were salvaging wrecked ships on the nearby reefs and Royal Navy Letters of Marqué, allowing ship captains to attack the ships of Britain’s enemies.  Piracy quickly became a way of life, and a “Privateer’s Republic” was soon established that included Blackbeard and many of the infamous pirates of history.  This period ended in 1718 with Britain re-establishing control and offering amnesty to all but a few of the pirates.    

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Nassau was a trans-shipping point for running the Northern blockade during the American Civil War, as England continued to trade with the Southern States, weapons and ammunition for cotton.  A similar role was played by Nassau during the American Prohibition Era, with illegal liquor from Canada and Europe being stored in warehouses in Nassau before the final run to the U.S.  When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in he 1940’s to marry an American divorcé, he chose Nassau to retire to with his new wife. 

Across either of two toll bridges from Nassau, you will find Paradise Island, the site of world famous resort hotels and casinos.  The island was formerly known as Hog Island until its purchase by developer Huntington Hartford in 1959.  He changed the name and began construction on the original resorts and the golf course, hiring Gary Player as the Pro.  The Island has since been sold several times and has an estimated worth in excess of two billion dollars. Movies such as the Beatles “Help!” and James Bond films “Thunderball” and 2006’s “Casino Royale” were partially filmed on the island.

Plan your vacation trip to Nassau and Paradise Island to see the Changing of the Guard Ceremony, which takes place every other Saturday to the accompaniment of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Band.  Nearby is Government House, the official residence of the Governor General of The Bahamas since 1801. On the last Friday of each month is the Tea Party at Government House with the Governor General’s spouse, but reservations are required. Fort Charlotte is worth a visit and is by far the largest fort on the island covering 100 acres. Located on a hill overlooking the far west end of the harbour, Fort Charlotte commands an impressive view of Paradise Island, a good part of Nassau and the harbour.

Away from the city, go across the Cay to Coral Island, with its hundred foot tower and commanding view. Or descend into its underwater observatory for close encounters with stingrays and other creatures. You can visit Cable Beach, with its luxury hotels and casinos, which got its name in 1907 from the laying here of transatlantic telephone cables linking what was an isolated Bahamas to the rest of the world. Historical Adelaide is a tiny village with narrow streets and was one of the first Black settlements established after the abolition of slavery.










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